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One and a half years flew by so fast. I really enjoyed being a stay-home mom for a while. Keeping our home always clean (I wish), preparing healthy and tasty food for our family, who all loved it and enjoyed it (maybe once a week the kids gave thumbs up) and always welcoming my husband from work with fresh look and open arms (usually with messy hair and a worn out pair of sweatpants). Still, I loved almost every minute of it, since I knew, that it would be the last time. It was nice to be there for the kids. Being able to see, when the little one woke up from her naps and be there when the older one came home from school and starting the week by dancing Gangnam Style on Monday morning.

Homework time!

Winter Art

Those days are gone now and having been back for a couple of weeks, I am starting to understand the meaning of the term “ruuhkavuodet.”  It’s not all bad though. I am very ambitious and enjoy a bit of competition. Staying at home I had to prove my worth; for example at skiing track or höntsä baseball. It was not always pretty. There was at least one black big toe after my baseball practice and the person that had it was not me. Now, being at the office, I can concentrate my efforts on the success of our company and co-workers. It is nice to be needed also professionally and to be able to contribute.

I felt that the time away was very useful for me. Having worked such a long time in the same company (in different roles though), you do not necessarily see the forest for the trees and it is difficult to realise your own potential. I invested time (during naptime) to listing my strengths as well as things that I wanted to develop, and for the first time for a very long time, I started to read useful business-related articles, mainly from Linkedin. From there, I started to get new ideas and had a kind of professional awakening. I am not sure if this is usually the case, but after my maternity leave, I feel a lot more confident from a professional point of view. Sometimes I even have the feeling, that everything is possible 😊

Our tiny baby-owl

Swinging is the best!

As for the company I came back to, I am happy to see, that we are gradually moving towards our goal. We have sharpened our processes, targets and concentrated on our competitive edge. We have a lot to offer to our Finnish and International clients and as one my co-workers put it, “We will work our asses off to make sure, that you can arrive stress-free to the exhibition and when partnering up with Wulff Entre you can expect premium design and premium project management.”

Overall, it is great to be back and be surrounded by adults (with a “hint” of a childlike sense of humour). It is nice to get to know some of our new co-workers and catch-up with familiar faces. Last but not least, I am looking forward to speaking with our partners from all over the world and my precious clients from the past years. Stay tuned, Netta will be in contact with you 😊

– Netta

Netta Huhtala

Netta Huhtala

Senior sales manager | Team Leader for Sales

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